Four 250cc Recreational Sports Models Consolidating Qingqi's Large-Displacement High-Tech Standing

Qingqi Motorcycle Co., Ltd. held its annual conference and product launch conference in Jinan on January 6th, 2014. At the conference, Qingqi showcased four amazing 250cc recreational sports models, conveying the "sports power" design concept that employed power, technology, sports, and fashion elements. Thereby Qingqi became an industry-leading enterprise in the recreational sports field with the widest range of 250cc recreational sports products.

High-Profile Line-up to Extend Four Recreational Sports Categories

Qingqi is the first enterprise in the industry to raise the concept of recreational sports products, hence receiving the title "First Brand in Recreational Sports". 

The four 250cc motorcycles launched at the conference covered demands for off-road motorcycles, scooters, classic motorcycles, and sportbikes, convincingly demonstrating Qingqi's leading position in the recreational sports field.


        LIGER 250, Wild Conqueror

Launch time in China: January 2014

Being a classic recreational sports product, LIGER was awarded the "Annual Off-Road Motorcycle" title in 2006 when it was launched. It was also entitled "China's Best Off-Road Motorcycle" after its outstanding performance in traveling across the new Eurasian continental bridge, patrolling on the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau, and winning the Taklimakan Rally.

Qingqi re-designed LIGER 250 in 2013 to meet demands for medium- and large-displacement motorcycles, pioneering the recreational sports field for high-end off-road motorcycles with premium configuration including weight reduction techniques, front and rear floating disc brakes, plastic oil tank, stainless steel muffler, oil-sealed chain, airbag shock absorbers, and smart tracing management system. 

Specially, LIGER 250 was equipped with a GSK250 oil-cooled electrical fuel injection engine, highly durable for its leading oil pipe cooling technology that has stable performance. This technology and the mature electric fuel injection technology raised LIGER 250 to a totally new level.


        250T, Sports Scooter Holding Global Expectation

Launch time in China: January 2014

With a 250cc water-cooled electric fuel injection engine and a tough yet streamlined appearance designed by the Qingqi's European design team, 250T caters to the demands of upmarket for high-end motorcycles with cruise enjoyment. 

The large-volume water pump and lubricant pump create a good cooling effect, enabling the engine to generate the maximum power of 14 KW and maximum torque of 21N.m. Meanwhile, the front and rear disc brakes make the driving force more controllable. Together they ensure safe high-speed cycling.


 U-ZEAL 250, Gentleman-Like Nostalgia

Launch time in China: September 2014

U-ZEAL was an antique-style motorcycle launched by Qingqi in 2012. It was upgraded to U-ZEAL 250 by Qingqi in 2013 with large displacement to better show its characteristics and quality.

The GSK250 electric fuel injection engine that generates a maximum power of 17 KW turns U-ZEAL 250 into a machine of exciting speed.

It employs a reverse front shock absorber as well as the front and rear large-sized disc brakes for excellent comfort and security. Car-class pearl-like painting, dazzling colors of high purity, as well as the antique style make U-ZEAL 250 an eye-catching vehicle in traffic.


 Race 250, Tough and Robust Sportbike

Launch time in China: September 2014

Race feels more like a racing motorcycle than a traditional sportbike owing to its renowned Italian designer.

In September 2014, the brand new Race 250 will be presented to consumers with an upgraded air deflector, digital LED dashboard, distributed aluminum alloy handlebar, reverse front shock absorber, and GSK250 electric fuel injection engine, featuring racing-level power and excellent cycling experience.


 China's motorcycle witnessed transition in past few years, when marketing competition was outweighed by core technology competition. This leads to an emerging era of powerful, technology-intensive, stylish, and personalized recreational sports motorcycles. Therefore, Qingqi leverages highly-intelligent recreational sports motorcycles to enter medium- and high-income consumer markets for creating the best Chinese recreational sports brand that achieves sustainable success in China's motorcycle industry.